A Pioneer in girls’ education marks the Golden Jubilee year (1964 – 2014)
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In imparting education, the abode of learning, Muruga Dhanushkodi Girls' Higher Secondary School(MDGHSS) is a girls' most sought after thriving school, located in the busiest area...
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"The sweetest lives are those to duty wed,
whose deeds both great and small
Are close - knit strands of an unbroken thread,
where love enables all"

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

True to the above lines of the poetess , K.C.S.N Memorial Educational Improvement Committee dawned in the year 1962 , by the tiredless efforts of the five great idealogists Late Thiru P.P.M Muruga Dhanushkodi , Late Thiru T.A.M.A Marimuthu Nadar, Late Thiru K.C.S Kasi Nadar, Late Thiru T.S.T Raja and Thiru A.Sankaralingam B.Sc., who were the renowned personalities endowed with the traits of Sacrifice , Charity , Sagacity , Compassion and Generosity.

The Colossal tragedy that struck a school , the collapse of its building at Madurai city , shook the whole of Tamil Nadu. This heart - breaking incident , made the munificient committee members,contribute Rs 500 /- , a very handsome amount at that point of time , to the Director of Education Thiru Ne.Thu.Sundaravadivelu.

"One tiny thought in tiny word
May give a great one birth,
And , if that thought was caused by me,
I lived a life worth."

The ONE tiny benevolent gesture of the committee members , was greatly appreciated by the Director and the one tiny word of request made by the Director motivated the visionary minded committee and that resulted in a great ONE BIRTH - a High School for girls at North Chennai. This Institution is named after Late Thiru Muruga Dhanushkodi as a mark of respect and honour in recognition of his selfless sacrifice of an enormous contribution of Rs 50,000/- towards its establishment.

This Institution had the unique privilege of being inaugurated by the blessed hands of the thenChief Minister of Tamil Nadu Karmaveerar,Late Thiru Kamarajar , the King - maker on 24th of July, in the year 1964.

In Sept 1965 the land comprising of 22 plots was procured for Rs 1,50,000/- and the construction was over on 14.4.1967 , the Tamil New Year Day.Thereafter , the school started functioning on its own premises. In the year 1978 - 79 this institution obtained the recognition of Higher Secondary School.

Vision and Mission

Tha Vision of Our School is:

"To enlighten the lives of girl students , in and around North Chennai,providing them with ample opportunities in academic and co-curricular activities , making them torch - bearers of knowledge , by being self - reliant beacon lights to many".

• To attain excellence in curricular and extra - curricular activities.
• To build pupils' character , by imbibing moral values.
• To develop the full potential of students.
• To establish and sustain high academic standards
• Creating opportunities to mould students to become creative , innovative , enterprising and capable leaders.
• To promote students self esteem and well being.
• To impart knowledge and develop scientific temperament to fit in the technical era.
• To nurture our students to be morally upright citizens and to take-part in Nation - building.
• To bring about all round development of students.
• To have rapport between staff , pupils and community.


The motto of the school teaches the pupils to feel proud of being born a woman , who is "an embodiment of amazing brightness, purity, truth, eternal joy and everlasting love"
• To strengthen her character in fulfilling her duties as a daughter, life partner and a maker.
• To oppose bravely the evils and injustice found in society and to spread radiance around her.
• To instil, in pupils - the innate ability and potential to perform well.
• To dispel darkness of ignorance and to reach the zenith of accomplishment in all walks of life.


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