A Pioneer in girls’ education marks the Golden Jubilee year (1964 – 2014)

In Our School, the RSP was started in the year 1980. More than 100 students are the members of this unit. They motivate the other students to obey the traffic rules. The special features of this unit are “AVOID ACCIDENTS” and “ OBEY TRAFFIC RULES”. Our RSP students participate in various competitions conducted by Tamilnadu Poilce Traffic Warden Organization. Our RSP students participate in the march past during independence Day and Republic Day. The motto of RSP is “ We Live To Serve”.

Incharge Teachers :

Mrs. G. Vanitha ,Mrs. S. Dhanalakshmi Mrs. N. Rajalakshmi ,Mrs. A.V. Aneetha


The National Service Scheme shines in our school to improve the personality development of the students.

N.S.S. objectives are

1. To understand and develop themselves.

2. To understand the community.

3. To identify the needs and problems of the community and to find solution to the problems.

4. To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.

5. To gain skills in mobilizing community participation.

The above objectives are fulfilled by our volunteers by involving themselves. Some of the activities are maintaining discipline in school campus and attending special camps to do service for the society.

Our N.S.S. volunteers work for the motto. “NOT ME BUT YOU”

Our 60 N.S.S. volunteers along with the help of NSS co- ordinator Mrs. S. Sarala Devi involve themselves to help the poor and needy with full energy and enthusiasm. Our N.S.S. volunteers are always ready to serve for the welfare of the society.

Jai Hind

Programme Coordinator : Mrs. S. Sarala Devi


In our school JRC club was started in the year 1964. Tere are 150 students in our club. The motto of the club is HEALTH SERVICE AND FRIENDSHIP. The main role of the club is to maintain Cleanliness, discipline and road safety rules. Every year in the month of August we use to conduct various Competitions regarding Geneva Convention Day. Our JRC students have participated in the March past during the occasion of Independence day and Republic day. They dedicate their service to the upliftment of the club.


Consumer Club was started on 29-11-08 to spread awareness about Consumerism among the people through school children with the motto of Arise! Awake! Act!. Every year 50 students with a teacher coordinator conducts various activities on first Thursday of every month. Students participate in various competitions and win prizes with the great support from the management and our headmistress. The list of messages given by our students to create consumer awareness is:

To buy what you need
To buy products by checking the expiry date.
To see the M.R.P. rate
To ask for Guarantee card
To get the bill for the purchase of products
To check the silk mark symbol, Hallmark for gold
To check the ISI mark for cylinder, Electrical Appliances etc.,
Use sustainably the water resources, electricity and domestic gas.
To buy medicine with the doctor's prescription.

Achievements added to our Consumer Club activities are :

Students continuously win prizes and certificates including cash prize by participating in various competitions conducted by Consumer Association of India, Civil Supplies Department and in National Consumer Day Celebrations.

Members of Consumer Club also participate in various seminars. Organized by colleges around the city.


Eco Club and National Green Corps were started in 2001 in our school. It has 45 members for NGC and 45 members for Eco Club

The objectives of this Club are :

1. To keep our School Campus clean
2. To create awareness among public about

1. Environmental Degradation
2. Pollution Control
3. Planting more trees
4. Preserving Natural Resources
5. Creating awareness through Debate and Speech

Such objectives of our club are undertaken by our members through

1. Conducting Rallies bearing Slogans to insist the public to celebrate Diwali without Crackers, Bhogi with out smoke
2. The main motto “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse' is taken to the public on “World Environment Day every year.
3. To Promote their responsibilities towards preserving Nature, Competitions in the form of Quiz, Essay writing and Seminar are conducted.
4. Our students participate enthusiastically in the competitions conducted at Zonal and Inter District level and also win many prizes.

Heritage Club

The Heritage Club was started in our school in order to make the students to understand the History of Arts, Culture and Archaeology of Tamilnadu and to create awareness among the students about the monuments, Historical places and Stone inscriptions.

The aim of this club is to make known the legacy and Richness of Tamilnadu among Tamilians and also the people in the world. The Prime aim to start the Heritage Club in our school is to inculcate the knowledge of History of Tamilians, their dynasty, the Arts and Culture, Education, Archaeology and monuments of Tamilnadu among the students. This also is to create awareness among the students and the methods to preserve the Heritage.

Rotary Club

Muruga Dhanushkodi Girls' Higher Secondary School has ignited the spark of action and enthusiasm by making the participation of students in extra – curricular activities. Among those activities Rotary Club has been functioning successfully since 1991. The Rotary club comprises of 60 members from IX and std XI.

The Rotary Club has also been extending its services in maintaining the valuable projects like campus cleaning, mid - day meals duty, maintenance of library, career guidance and assisting in medical check-up. This club focuses on certain values like self-discipline, personal cleanliness, punctuality and responsibility.

The teachers in charge of the Rotary Club always support and encourage the members. Our School has received ‘The Best School Special Recognition Award' for getting 100 % result in Std X and 99.76% in XII from the Rotary Club of Madras Esplanade during the academic year 2010-2011.

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